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MilramX Background

MilramX was a multi-year joint development between BellHawk Systems Corporation and Milramco, which owns the intellectual property rights to MilramX. MilramX is cross licensed to BellHawk Systems, which currently sells MilramX as part of its BellHawk ® product offering under the trade name Bell-Connector. MilramX is also licensed to BellHawk Online where it forms the basis of the IIOT DEXBox offering.

MilramX has primarily been used for data exchange between the BellHawk real-time Operations Tracking software and a variety of ERP and accounting systems, as well as for supply chain integration. It is, however, applicable to implementing automated data exchange interfaces between many different systems.

MilramDEX runs on Microsoft Windows based platforms including IIOT devices, PCs, Workstations, and Servers as well as cloud-based systems, such as Azure. It is specifically designed for use in industrial and supply chain applications where reliability of operation, automated error detection and correction, and ease of monitoring transfers are critical.