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MilramX Background

MilramX was developed over the past decade by Milramco LLC with the assistance of a number of partners under the direction of Dr. Peter Green, the Technical Director of Milramco, which owns the intellectual property rights to MilramX.

MilramX was developed based on prior research by Dr. Peter Green into intelligent-agent systems for NASA, the US Air Force, and DARPA.

Sales and support for MilramX in North America is provided by KnarrTek Inc. Please see their website as for details.

MilramX has primarily been used for data exchange between the BellHawk real-time Materials Tracking & Traceability and Work-in-Process Tracking software and a variety of ERP and accounting systems, as well as for supply chain integration. It has also been used in Alerting applications within manufacturing operations.

MilramX is, however, applicable to implementing automated information exchange interfaces between many different systems for many different applications.

MilramX runs on Microsoft Windows based platforms including IIOT devices, PCs, Workstations, and Servers as well as cloud-based systems, such as Azure. It has features specifically designed for use in industrial and supply chain applications where reliability of operation, automated error detection and correction, and ease of monitoring transfers are critical.

Please see "Why Intelligent Agents?" for more details about the technical and systems development problems that collaborating-intelligent-agent technology solves.