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Availability of the MilramX software platform

MilramX Data Exchange

MilramX is software platform whose primary function is to cut the time and cost of implementing decision support systems with automated data exchange between systems used by industrial enterprises and their supply chain partners.

MilramX captures data from databases and systems, analyzes that data, and exports the resultant information to other systems as well as to send the information to people in the form of text and Email messages.

In the USA and Canada, MilramX is sold and supported by KnarrTek Inc. which also assists industrial clients in the application of the MilramX software. Please see their website at for more details.

MilramX is also available on a commercial OEM licensing basis for integration into other organization's software and system's projects. Please select the [Contact] button below for more information.

KnarrTek provides MilramX based decision support systems directly to its clients and through a network of solution integration partners. MilramX development kits are also available for use by IT organizations which have their own programming staff.