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MilramX is a real time Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform for integrating the industrial enterprise and supply chain by "Making sure that everyone in the organization has the information they need to do their jobs, when they need it".

MilramX uses an Intelligent Agent architecture to intelligently to fetch and interpret the latest updates to sources of data that it is monitoring. In this way MilramX is able to provide the information, in near real-time, that people in different parts of an organization need, rather than just moving data between systems. This information transfer may be in the form of updates to the systems they use or by sending Emails or Text Messages.

In most information transfer applications, MilramX provides over 90% of the needed code, either automatically generated or supplied as code libraries. This enables these applications to be rapidly implemented at an affordable cost.

At its simplest, all the actions of MilramX can be controlled by user defined rules without code development. But as the data interpretation algorithms become more complex, users can code their own MilramX Task Objects  (MTOs) in VB.Net or other .Net languages supported by the Microsoft .Net development environment.

Software development, where needed, is greatly simplified by abstracting most of the actions of MilramX into high-level subroutine calls, leaving the developer to focus on data interpretation rather than the minutiae of how the MilramX data transfers works.

MilramX can exchange data with a wide variety of databases and also with the web-services interfaces of Cloud-based systems, using prebuilt mechanisms and related rules within MilramX to minimize the development time and effort.

MilramX can run on any Windows Workstation or Server computer. The Transfer Process, which may contain many different Intelligent Agents, runs continuously as a Windows Service so that it automatically starts up again when the system is rebooted.

This Transfer Process can be remotely controlled through a Web-browser interface, enabling remote support by IT staff.

MilramX is designed to run 24x7 without needing human intervention. As such it contains many error detection and correction features to enable continuous operation despite machine and communications failures and bad data from some sources.

Where issues arise, where some information cannot be collected or sent automatically, then an IT support person can be notified by Email or Text message and can remotely fix the problem.

 MilramX is frequently used with the BellHawk Materials Tracking and Traceability and Real-Time Work-in-Process Tracking software and has pre-built interfaces to this software. It also has prebuilt interfaces to other commonly used software such as QuickBooks Enterprise.

Interfaces to other ERP and accounting systems can be developed by an organization's own IT staff.

While often used with BellHawk, MilramX can be used in a wide variety of data monitoring situations, without needing BellHawk.

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