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MilramX is a real time Artificial Intelligence (AI) software platform which uses the paradigm of interacting intelligent agents. It is used to "Make sure that everyone in each organization has the information they need to do their jobs, when they need that information, in a format that is most useful to them".

The primary application of MilramX is for materials management in the manufacturing, construction, project engineering, and medical supply chains, where it is often used in conjunction with the BellHawk real-time materials tracking software platform.

In most of these supply-chain decision support systems (DSSs), MilramX provides most of the infrastructure code pre-built, minimizing the amount of code that needs to be developed and enabling rapid deployment. Typically, the MilramX platform provides over 90% of the code needed for most materials management applications, enabling these systems to be rapidly deployed at an affordable cost.

MilramX is based on the use of the Microsoft "stack" of the Visual Studio IDE for .Net code development, the IIS webserver, and an internal SQL Server database. It is designed to be easily modified and extended for different applications by programmers familiar with .Net programming.

The MilramX software platform provides:

  1. A real-time intelligent-agent framework, which enables many actions, such as transferring data from one system to another, to be scheduled in parallel. This is required in many supply chain applications where many activities are going on at different times and sometimes at the same time.
  2. Mechanisms to enable the fetching of the latest data from multiple source systems and then monitoring and of this data followed by sending text-message or Email alerts if needed and/or sending this data to other systems.
  3. A management console which enables the monitoring of the status of purchase orders, work orders, move orders, and ship orders, as well as materials, related to each project.
  4. An abstraction of a wide-variety of data objects, from a wide-variety of systems, into High Level Data Objects (HLDOs), similar to JSON strings, which are then used to simplify the development of agent code and make the resultant agent actions readable and understandable by non-programmers.
  5. Extensive built-in error detection and correction, enabling MilramX based DSS applications to run 24x7 for long periods of time without manual intervention.
  6. Automated alerting of IT staff when they need to intervene, such as due to a source or target system being down, or reporting serious errors, with the ability to intervene remotely over the Internet.
  7. A pre-built interface to the BellHawk materials tracking system for those organizations that need detailed tracking of their work-in-process materials.

MilramX is designed to be used with a wide-range of accounting and ERP systems ranging from QuickBooks to Oracle. It can also import data from CAD systems such as AutoCAD, as well as other specialty engineering design programs, and use the Bills of Materials and other design data to create purchase orders, work orders, move orders, and ship orders related to each project

While MilramX is frequently used with BellHawk for tracking materials, it can also be used with a wide variety of inventory and warehouse management systems as well as with systems, such as those used for tracking shipping and construction projects.

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