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MilramX System Components


MilramX consists of:

  1. A set of intelligent agents, which are code objects that do a single function, such as transferring information about the latest updates in one system to another system and/or generating Text or Email alerts if analysis of the data indicates the need for human intervention.
  2. A materials management databank which contains the current status of purchase orders, work orders, move orders, and ship orders for each project as well as the status of of materials and assets. This databank many also contain history data related to transactions carried out in response to these orders.
  3. A Materials Management Console which can be used to create and manage purchase orders, work orders, move orders, and ship orders as well as manage the transfers between systems.

MilramX is designed to run on a Windows Server computer but can be run on a Windows Workstation, if needed.  The intelligent agents are encapsulated in transfer functions, which are run as system processes. The materials management databank is contained in a SQL Server database and the Materials Management Console is run as a website under the control of the IIS Webserver.

This enables many users, such as project managers, to simultaneously use a copy of the management console, over the Internet, using a web-browser running on a wide variety of devices including PCs, Android tablets, and mobile phones.

The materials management databank can be continuously replenished by intelligent agents from a number of source systems. This databank can then be used as the basis of information to be sent to other systems, as well as the generation of text or Email alerts by other agents.

Management console users can also interact with the materials management databank to manually import and export data in the form of Excel spreadsheets as well as to create and manage orders and to plan and schedule the execution of those orders in response to customer orders.

Client's IT organizations can also access the databank and use this to generate business intelligence reports using reporting software such as SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS)

lease click here to learn more about the MilramX Intelligent Agents.