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Within MilramX the intelligent agents are written as VB.Net code objects (think subroutines) which are called Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) as this is one of their primary functions.

These DTOs can use prebuilt Adaptors to communicate with a wide range of different databases as well as to communicate with web-services interfaces of Cloud-based systems. These Adaptors convertbetween the data formats used by different systems and High Level Data Objects (HLDOs - like JSON strings) which can easily be manipulated by the DTOs without needing to do any data conversion.

DTOs can also send messages to each other, such that data read by one DTO can be sent to other DTOs for action, including the sending of Text or Email messages and the sending of files to other systems using FTP.

These code objects use highly abstracted calls to DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) within the MilramX framework, such as:

and assignment statements such as POLine("ItemNumber") = ERP_POL("Item") which refer to the High Level Data Objects. representations of the data objects.

This enables the rules within these data objects to be quickly and simply coded but with retaining the full power of .Net when needed for more complex decision making. It also enables these DTOs to be readable (for the most part) by business analysts to make sure that they are performing the correct actions for the needs of the business.

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