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Operational Benefits of MilramX

Bell-Connector Services
  1. Provides real-time information about the status of projects, including purchase orders, work orders, move/pick orders and ship orders.
  2. Provides Text and Email alerts when action is needed.
  3. Eliminates the cost of labor needed to enter the same data multiple times in different systems.
  4.  Eliminates the cost and time wasted in using paper forms to exchange information between different departments.
  5.  Provides different departments with the real-time information they need to do their jobs efficiently.
  6.  Helps break-down information "stove-pipes" within organizations.
  7.  Prevents mistakes that come from multiple people entering the same information in different systems.
  8.  Enables electronic communications with suppliers and customers thereby eliminating much paperwork and wasted time.
  9.  Can eliminate the need for many ad-hoc Access databases and Excel spreadsheets.
  10.  Can provide senior management with a consolidated real-time view of their operations.
  11.  Can collect and consolidate data in a suitable form for operational analysis using a wide variety of reporting tools.
  12.  Can be used to provide web-browser based portals into a company's data.
  13.  Can be used to extend the life of legacy ERP and accounting systems by enabling integration with new capabilities without going through all the expense of buying new systems and retraining users.
  14.  Can be used to integrate with Cloud-based systems and E-Commerce websites without replacing legacy systems.

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