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MilramX Features

Bell-Connector Services

Some of the features of the MilramX are:

  1. Can handle simultaneous real-time data transfers between multiple systems.
  2. Built-in mechanisms to translate to and from high-level business objects to complex underlying data storage mechanisms.
  3. Simple to program data transfer processes using VB.Net code to translate between high-level business objects retrieved from or being sent to multiple systems.
  4. Based on the use of industry standard Microsoft .Net platform enables rapid interface development using VB.Net or C# language and Visual Studio development environment.
  5. Runs on Microsoft Windows Server and PC platforms.
  6. Extensive set of class libraries provide most of the functionality needed for most interfaces pre-coded and pre-tested.
  7. Well thought-out and tested methodology and architecture for implementing data exchange interfaces.
  8. Pre-built adaptors support SQL/ODBC interfaces to a wide variety of databases that include automated SQL code generation based on meta-data description of database.
  9. Supports .Net SDK subroutine interfaces as well as web-services SOAP/XML interfaces.
  10. Web-browser based interface for controlling and monitoring data transfers.
  11. Built-in bad data detection as well as a mechanism for handling rejected data editing and retries.
  12. Built-in mechanisms for just getting the latest updates from a variety of databases.

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