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Extracting Actionable Operational Information in Real-Time

MilramX extracting ifnformation

Under the control of the MilramX Framework, the MilramX data transfer process can periodically interrogate a number of systems and databases to extract data, which it then turns into useful information, using rules plus other AI based methods.

The resultant information can then be sent to one or more target systems, in the form of messages, or used to update one or more databases. It can also be used to send Emails or text messages to managers and other staff members to alert them of the need to take action.

MilramX can be used to extract the latest updates, as they occur, in one or more database tables, and to simply transfer these updates to another system. More often, in this process, MilramX translates the data from the world views of one or more systems into information that is compatible with the world view of the target system(s).

As part of this process, MilramX examines the data extracted from the source systems and translates it, down at the character-by-character level to make sure that the data sent to a target system is compatible with the target system.

MilramX is also capable of setting up complex sequences of data extraction to ensure that critical data dependencies are maintained in the target systems.

MilramX  integrates extensive error detection and correction capabilities to ensure that data transfers will continue to run 24x7 without human intervention unless a serious error occurs.  It also integrates the capability of alerting an IT person, by Email, if an error or other problem arises. In this case, the IT person can use the web-interface to investigate and correct the issue.

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