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Generating Actionable Information in Real-Time

MilramX extracting ifnformation

MilramX periodically extracts information from one or more source systems or databases and then uses this information to:

  1.  Automatically send information to other systems or databases, such as ERP or accounting systems.
  2. Send Email or Text-Message alerts to specific users when an event is detected that the recipient needs to pay attention to, such as ordering more inventory or inspecting a batch of products.
  3. Automatically generate reports and Email them to recipients on a specified schedule, such as every night after close of business.
  4. Exchange data with supplier, shipping, and customer systems.
  5. Enable managers to manage their operations and projects.

MilramX is designed to support the concept of distributed operations management, where different people in physically separated locations can function as a team without needing to physically see events, such as the arrival or shipment of materials, to do their job.

By providing information to people when and where they need it, MilramX also eliminates the need for most coordination meetings. MilramX also enables people to be alerted when there are events that have occurred, or not occurred by the planned time, that they need to pay attention to.

This is much more efficient than trying to view the events physically or trying to infer what is happening from reports or computer screens.

MilramX can also eliminate the need for paper forms and duplicate keyboard data entry within an organization, often quickly paying for itself in labor savings from this alone.

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