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Management Paradigm Shift that MilramX Enables

MilramX Paradigm Shift

MilramX enables a transition from reviewing stacks of reports about what went wrong yesterday to getting real-time information about the status of your operations. This includes being alerted by text message or Email when there are situations that you need to pay attention to.

Industrial organizations collect and generate large amounts of data every day in systems used by organizations such as sales, marketing, finance, production, and materials management. In addition, these departments exchange data with suppliers, customers, and logistics organizations.

The problem is that all of this data is typically only available as reports to the people within organizational "stovepipes" who use the systems that generate the reports. Exchange of data between people in different stovepipes is typically done by means of coordination meetings, phone calls, Emails, and paper forms, all of which are extremely inefficient.

Even worse, reports from systems used by people in these stove-pipe organizations typically detail what went wrong yesterday, rather than giving people the real-time information they need to head-off problems before they occur today.

Even with dashboards and on screen displays, all a stovepipe system is doing is presenting data in a more easily digestible form. Expensive people still have to spend their valuable time watching the screens to spot when problems go wrong.

This problem is made even worse by the fact that the information needed by managers, their staff, and employees often exists in multiple systems, often belonging to other stove-pipe departments, where it is difficult to access

MilramX solves this problem by providing everyone in the organization with the information they need, when they need it, in the form of text or Email messages and/or updates to the systems they use to do their job.

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