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Real-Time Decision Support Software for
Operations Management in Industrial Organizations

MilramX Information Transfer

MilramX is a software platform for managing operations within industrial organizations by "Making sure that everyone in the organization, as well as customers and suppliers, have the information they need, when they need it".

Industrial organizations waste large sums of money and lose sales due to sales leads not followed up, customers and prospects not being properly supported, materials not being available when needed for production runs, production operations taking too long, and customer orders incurring late shipment penalties. These and many more problems can all result from people in the organization not getting the right information, at the right time, to prevent these problems from occurring.

MilramX solves this problem by automatically monitoring data in the various systems used by individual departments within an organization. MilramX then uses AI to turn this into actionable information, in the form of text messages, Emails, or updates to other systems, that people in different "silos" within the organization need and/or that need to be communicated to customers and suppliers.

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